STMM Names Dr. Jim Kee, Ph.D., President of the Firm



STMM also names Managing Directors


SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS – April 13, 2011 –


Jeanie Wyatt, CFA, CEO & Chief Investment Officer of South Texas Money Management, Ltd. (STMM) announced that Dr. James (Jim) Kee, Ph.D. has been named President of the firm. Dr. Kee served as Chief Economist for STMM from the beginning of 2009 through March 2011.


Prior to joining STMM, Dr. Kee was the HOLT Global Strategist for Credit Suisse in Chicago. He also served as a Portfolio Consultant for HOLT Value Associates. Prior to joining HOLT, Dr. Kee was Vice President and Economist with H.C. Wainright and Company Economics, Inc., a Boston based Investment Advisory Service. He earned his Ph.D. from Auburn University.


Jeanie Wyatt, CFA, founder of the firm, will continue her role as Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment Officer. “I’ve appointed Jim to this very important role due to his high level of experience in the money management realm and his strong communication and leadership skills. This will be a very strong partnership,” said Wyatt.


Additional promotions include Christian Herff, J.D. and John (Lance) Lahourcade, whom will serve as the firm’s Managing Directors. Mr. Herff joined STMM in 2006 and has served as Chief Compliance Officer and General Counsel. Mr. Lahourcade has over 30 years in the industry and has served as Director of Client Services and Senior Investment Advisor since 2004.


“These promotions are very exciting for our firm. We have a deep bench that has been built over the past ten years. Not only are these professionals highly experienced and qualified, they are committed to our clients and the communities that we serve,” said Wyatt. “I look forward to working with them in their new positions.”


About South Texas Money Management

STMM was founded in 2000 by Jeanie Wyatt, CFA. Today, STMM manages approximately $2 billion in assets (as of 3/31/2011), including equity, fixed income, and balanced asset classes, for individuals, trusts, retirement plans, charitable foundations and endowments as well as for bank trust departments and other institutions. *STMM was recently named ‘Top Guns of the Decade’ by Informa Investment Solutions and **Jeanie Wyatt, CFA was named ‘Top 100 Independent Advisors’ by Barron’s Magazine (August 2010). Based in San Antonio, STMM has additional offices in Austin, Houston and Dallas.


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