Signing Up

We would be delighted to welcome you as an investor with STMM and assure you that we will take care of your financial needs, regardless of your time horizon or risk tolerance.

You can call us in San Antonio (210-824-8916), Austin (512-342-2272), Brenham/College Station (979-830-7030), Corpus Christi (361-904-0551), Dallas (214-969-7088), Houston (713-683-3818) or toll-free at 800-805-1385. If you prefer to email us you will get a quick email response or a call to set an appointment. 


Items You’ll Need

Getting started is simple and you can make it simpler by bringing several items to our first meeting:

  • Financial statements with cost basis information
  • Trust documents, if applicable
  • Your will, if available
  • Driver’s license, passport or some form of photo identification
  • Social security number, or tax identification number

STMM Account Minimum

We look at clients with multiple accounts that aggregate approximately $1,000,000 or where the family relationship aggregates to this amount. Our fee schedule provides additional information on how we calculate our fees on individual and aggregated account.

Fee Schedule