Introduction- Individuals

Our loyalty is to our clients and we measure our success by the length of our client relationships. At South Texas Money Management (STMM) we are committed to listening to our clients, communicating with them often and responding to them quickly. In an effort to meet our client’s needs, we assign at least two Investment Advisors to their account, to ensure our clients always have a relationship with STMM to rely on. Our goal is to build a relationship with our clients to better allow us to build prudent portfolios where our clients can store the majority of their wealth. We also offer complimentary financial planning to our clients.

 For individuals we offer a “core” equity style. The objective of this style is to outperform the MSCI World Index with less volatility than the index. The “core portfolio” blends two distinct styles: value and growth. The goal of our style diversification is to participate in all market trends, whether driven by value or growth. This blending technique tends to smooth returns and lower volatility.

 When fixed income is appropriate, STMM has a team dedicated to fixed-income investments and can help to determine the appropriate mix between taxable and non-taxable bonds.